Photo by Suzanne Neubauer

The Wound Clinic in Tijuana, Baja California, MX

The Wound Clinic has been operated by local physician Patricia Gonzalez Zuniga and her team for over 5 years. It was initiated as a response to the needs of the marginalized homeless population living in and around the Tijuana River, they include displaced migrants, IVDU, HIV patients, and sex workers. Once a month, the mobile clinic is held at two separate sites within the city of Tijuana.

The two aims of the wound clinic are (1) to address any urgent medical needs (2) to carry out harm reduction efforts within this population including needle exchange, education on hygiene, and naloxone distribution with education (3) to provide certain social services and connect to local resources including HIV medications, obtaining government-issued ID and seguro popular, medicolegal referral etc.

The clinic is an autonomous entity, but remains affiliated with UCSD Global Health Institute, LAC+USC Emergency Medicine Residency, (UCLA RROV Emergency Medicine Residency +/-) and Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. It is associated with the El Cuete project that is dual funded by NIH and Mexican government, which studies HIV risk behaviors along the US-Mexico border.

Dates: 10/7, 11/4, & 12/2

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Mary Cheffers: [email protected]
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