Photo by Suzanne Neubauer

KECK STUDENTS: Keck students should call the Eric Cohen Student Health Center (ECSHC) immediately for guidance – (323) 442-5631. When the clinic is closed, they should call the needlestick hotline at (323) 442-7900 and leave a message. A provider will call back within 30 minutes. The ECSHC covers all costs associated with needlestick and bodily fluid exposures while they are an active registered student at the USC health science campus AND if the care is received at the ECSHC. For our Keck students who have Aetna Student Health Insurance (the vast majority), our ED at LAC+USC is considered out-of-network and they will have a $750 deductible for any care received.

VISITING STUDENTS: The ECSHC will provide services to visiting students for needlestick or bodily fluid exposure through a fee-for-service option ($45 for initial needlestick care visit – this does not include labs, meds,etc. which will incur additional fees). If visiting students prefer to seek healthcare elsewhere, they can use their insurance coverage and visit their preferred providers. Visiting students will be responsible for all fees incurred at any location.

Please see the following site for additional info:

In the event that students cannot reach the on-call physician or wish to seek emergency care, then they should register to be seen in our ED. No matter where there are initially seen (our ED, the ECSHC or elsewhere), they can not follow-up at employee health.